Leitz - Eins Zwei Zero - Sparkling Riesling (Non-Alcoholic) 250ml x 6

Leitz - Eins Zwei Zero - Sparkling Riesling (Non-Alcoholic) 250ml x 6

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Convenient 250mL can. It is made like the still expression, but the CO2 in the sparkling version really balances the residual sugar and makes it appear drier than it it is. Because of that, it’s even more wine-like: lemon, spice and everything nice! This alcohol-free bubbly is perfect for the holidays, or any day really. An incredibly refreshing single serving; or, a convenient, light cocktail mixer which tastes almost dry and shows up with nicely embedded hints of peach and apricot, fresh apples and a full mouthfeel.

  •  N.V.
  •  Riesling
  •  Germany
  •  Rüdesheim
  •  Johannisberg
  •  Stainless steel
  •  7.9 g/L
  •  37.7 g/L
  • 250 ml

    At Vineland our foremost thoughts are about the experience of you, our customer. 
    In this spirit we wanted to started thinking about all our wonderful customers, who value the kind of quality Vineland Estates stands for, but who’s interest lies beyond wine. We don’t think that customers should be forced to compromise, when following an alcohol-free path. With the introduction of the Zero- wines, we are giving all our customers an alcohol-free option, that doesn’t compromise on flavour or taste – a beverage for adults, just without the alcohol.

    It has always been important to pay attention to good nutrition and conscious consumption – it is becoming more and more important to know where the quality is based. In our modern day-to-day life, people are more confident looking for alcohol-free alternatives. It is not necessary to necessarily accept alcohol in food. Our mission is to continuously improve our alcohol-free products and to provide people with the highest quality enjoyment in the best quality – without alcohol and without compromises! Our ONE-TWO-ZERO family; the new definition of an alcohol-free lifestyle.