One For The Road / Le Bockale Collection - 24 Can Multi Pack (Non-Alcoholic) 24 x 473ml

One For The Road / Le Bockale Collection - 24 Can Multi Pack (Non-Alcoholic) 24 x 473ml

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2 x PerseveranceOur non-alcoholic red ale with flavours of light caramel and barley sugar proudly bears its name and perfectly reflects BockAle’s values. 

2 x MeteoriteDiscover the encounter between lychee and clementine in this fruity white beer. The Meteorite has a well-balanced trajectory and a light bitterness due to the clementine peel. Its bright colour will surely warm up the atmosphere.

2 x Découverte IPA - The Découverte is a perfect symbiosis between the biting freshness of a good American IPA and the previously tasteless universe of alcohol-free beers. Undoubtedly the best of both worlds.

2 x Station S - Blonde With subtle saffron, a delicate and refined spice, this non-alcoholic blond beer has a warm colour and a unique taste. The exotic Station S will have you orbiting around the world. It’s a gourmet adventure you’ll want to experience!

2 x Trou Noir Stout A dense beige/mocha head swirls around its opaque black robe. The chocolate and nut flavours intermingle with those of coffee and roasted grain. Finally, an herbaceous finish on the palate. All the elements are together – only the alcohol seems to have disappeared.

2 x Aurora Sour Beer and Kombusha  The Aurora was born from the luminous encounter between beer and kombucha. Invigorating and packed with healthy benefits, it reveals a sour and tart taste of raspberry.

2 x Got Hops! - Fruity, citrus-like characteristics grab your attention. This beer is all about the hop flavour, aroma and bitterness. It'll make you smile, refresh you and leave you satisfied long enough to get another!

2 x Proceed With Caution - Just Right For Any Occasion. This all season medium-bodied lager showcases both malt and hops. It follows with a toasty malt character with only a subtle hop bitterness. It is an all weather, Anytime.

2 x No Regrets Marzen  - Rich, Malty Deliciousness. A beer rich driven by malt with a balance of clean, hop bitterness. Originating in Germany, the Marzen was traditionally brewed in March and stored in caves to allow for beer in the summer months when brewing was difficult. It is also common as an Oktoberfest beer but we like it so much, we keep it all year round. The Marzen’s amber colour with copper highlights is a full-bodied, rich and toasty beer with an enticing aroma.

2 x Saskaberry Blonde Ale - A Perfect Patio Beer. One of the most approachable styles of beer.  This easy drinking, visually appealing beer has 2 phases.  The initial dominant Saskatoon berry aroma and flavour will please your senses.  This is followed immediately with a finishes that is crisp, clean and refreshing.

2 x Still Struggling Expresso Stout - The bear hug of the beer world! Hmmm ... Coffee or Beer? ... Put those hands together ... Delicious! We took our already bold stout brewed with generous amounts of dark malts and added a rich Honduras espresso from our friends at Bolder Coffee. The espresso lends its smooth and roasted flavour to an already full flavoured beer style and does not disappoint. Perfect for any coffee break, this beer can be enjoyed with breakfast, lunch or dinner.

2 x Stone Sofa Kolsh - Clean and Refreshing. Crisp, delicate and oh-so-drinkable! These light and refreshing ale-lager hybrids are perfect for during or after activities and have become favoured by beer lovers. It has a thirst quenching ability along with being a fun beer to enjoy with food.